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Winner of the Following Awards:
Named one of the Best High Schools by U.S. News & World Report 2014
Exemplary Elementary School (K-6) 2013
Named one of the Best High Schools by U.S. News & World Report 2013               
Exemplary Elementary School (K-6) 2012
Named one of the Best High Schools by U.S. News & World Report 2009
Writing to Win Exemplary School (K-12) 2007  
Blue Ribbon School (K-12) 2006
Writing to Win Exemplary School (K-12) 2006                       
Title 1 Distinguished School (K-6) 2005


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Upcoming Events...

August 13 - Fall Sports Begin - Click here for the sport physical form.
August 20 - ALICE Training for all employees 9:00 AM
                 - Elementary Open House 5:00 -7:00 PM
                 - High School/Parent Computer Night 7:00-8:00 PM
August 21 - Employee In-Service 8:00-4:00 PM
August 24 - Classes Begin 8:00 AM - Click here for a supply list.

                             Region Golf Participants
Devon Munsen, Tanner Blasius, Coach Brent Markus, Lance Thiry, Trajan Anderson
                                          Click here for the results.

               State Golf Qualifiers
   Congratulations to the KWL State Golf Qualifiers!
                  Devon Munson, Lance Thiry, Tanner Blasius

Vote for Your Favorite Photo!
The Advanced Computer Applications class has been busy learning about Digital Photography. Vote for the three MACRO photos that you like best. You may only vote once. Click here to vote.

Great Job to the Academic Fest Participants! 
Academic Fest 2015
Josef Djarf 1st in Senior Math; Rowan Byrd 3rd in Literature IV; Nathaniel Schroeder tie for 6th in Chemistry and tie for 6th in Physics; Breanna Thiry 3rd in Algebra II; Chance Fredericksen 4th in Physics;Todd Kieffer 5th in Algebra II and 6th in Literature III; Nicole Reuland 4th in Geometry; Tyler Hallman 6th in Algebra I

Girls Softball Sign-up Information

Congratulations to the Students on the White Lake School Honor Roll!
First Quarter 2014
Second Quarter 2014
First Semester 2014

Third Quarter 2015 NEW

Congratulations to the American Legion Auxiliary poem and essay winners:  

          3rd and 4th grade poem - Beau Kirsch -- 1st, Jaxon Pursell-2nd, Kaitlyn Novak-3rd;

         5th and 6th grade poem - Megan Gillen - 1st; Angela Munsen - 2nd; and Rylan McClure - 3rd;

         3rd and 4th grade essay - Hailie Houston - 1st; Jaxon Christensen - 2nd; Madison Meier - 3rd; 

         5th and 6th grade essay - Nolan Kirsch - 1st; Kameron Styles - 2nd; Mataia German - 3rd;

         7th and 8th grade essay - Kathryn Nightingale - 1st; Grace Konechne - 2nd; Riley Pursell - 3rd.


Congrats to our Local Spelling Bee Winners:

  • 1st grade - Sienna Gillen (1st); Josh Doering (2nd); Lexus Hillman (3rd)

  • 2nd grade - Caden Galbraith (1st); Ashton Krumvieda (2nd); Aiden Novak (3rd)

  • 3rd grade - Kaitlyn Novak (1st); Morgan Schroeder (2nd); Akane Metcalfe (3rd)

  • 4th grade - Jaxon Christensen (1st); Beau Kirsch (2nd); Jaxon Pursell (3rd)

  • 5th grade - Jacob Novak (1st); Mercedes Hillman (2nd); Levi Nightingale (3rd)

  • 6th grade - Megan Gillen (1st); Nolan Kirsch (2nd); Ky Becker (3rd)

  • 7th grade - Grace Konechne (1st); Randa VandenHoek (2nd); Kathryn Nightingale (3rd)

  • 8th grade - Charlee Byrd (1st); Matthew Fey (2nd); Rainan Cabanag (3rd)

3rd-8th grade 1st place winners will advance to the Region Spelling Bee at DWU.


GREAT JOB at Region Oral Interp!!  Erin B. placed 4th in Poetry, making her an alternate for attending the State Festival; Rowan B. is going on to the State Festival in Serious Reading and Zoey B. is going on to the State Festival in Oratory.  The State Festival will be held Fri., Dec. 5 and Sat., Dec. 6, in Huron.  Rowan and Zoey will be competing on Saturday.  WAY TO GO!!!

White Lake School Honors Veterans
  Veterans Day   
 Veterans Day Veterans Day   
Veterans Day  Veterans Day   
Veterans Day  Veterans Day   
Veterans Day  Veterans Day   
Veterans Day   Veterans Day  
 Veterans Day Veterans Day   


Good luck to the KWL Volleyball Team!

Congratulations to the KWL Football Team!




Click here for the First Quarter Honor Roll

Good Luck to the All State Chorus Quartet!
Nathaniel Schroeder, Breanna Thiry, Todd Kieffer, Paige Munsen
They will be participating in All State Chorus on October 30-November 1 and performing
in the concert at the Arena in Sioux Falls at 7:00 PM on November 1. 

Homecoming Royalty 2014
Congratulations to King Nathaniel and Queen Kelli!

Burning of the W
Burning of the W on Coronation Night

Homecoming Candidates 2014
Congratulations to the 2014 Homecoming Candidates!
Nathaniel Schroeder, Kelli Steffen, Cody Beckmann, Erin Beckmann, Jesse Kirsch, Paige Munsen

Clowning Around During Homecoming Week
Clowns for Homecoming Week
7th-12th Grade Clowns Showing their School Spirit!
Clowns for Homecoming Week
Clown Day Representatives from each class -
Justin, Heather, Tyler, Riann, Todd, Jesse

Clowns for Homecoming Week
Clown Day Winner - Justin
Homecoming Clown Day 2014 - Nathaniel and Kelli
Seniors Clowning Around! - Nathaniel and Kelli
Homecoming Clowns 2014 - Levi, Nolan, Ky
Elementary Students Showing their School Spirit! - Levi, Nolan, Ky
Hawaiian Day Winners2014
Hawaiian Day Winners! - Hazelin and Heather
Hawaiian Day 2014
7th-12th Grade Hawaiian Day
Hawaiian Day 2014
Hawaiian Day Representatives From Each Class -
Hazelin, Heather, Kory, Devin, Breanna, Jesse

Holiday Day
Holiday Day 2014
7th-12th Grade Representatives for Holiday Day
Kathryn, Heather, Tyler, Riann, Darius, Jesse, Rowan
Holiday Day 2014
Seniors Showing School Spirit on Holiday Day
Holiday Day 2014
7th-12th Grade Students Dressed up for Holiday Day
Holiday Day 2014
Holiday Day Winner - Jesse
Hillbilly Day
Hillbilly Day! 
Hillbilly Day
7th-12th Grade Students Dressed Up For Hillbilly Day!
Hillbilly Day  
Hillbilly Day
7th-12th Grade Representatives for Hillbilly Day - Riley, Paige, Dylan, Riann, Todd, Darius, Kelli, Paige
Hillbilly Day  
Hillbilly Day Hillbilly Day
Winner of Hillbilly Day - Paige 


2014-2015 Sports Schedules
KWL Volleyball 2014
Check here for Volleyball game scores, game schedules, bus departure times, stats, practice schedules, etc.
4th-6th Grade Basketball Schedule

Student Council 2014-2015
(Pictured Above are the members and officers of the Student Council)

Student Council
President - Jesse Kirsch
Vice President - Paige Munsen
Secretary/Treasurer - Erin Beckmann
Senior Class
President - Cody Beckmann
Vice President - Hayden Thiry
Secretary/Treasurer - Brooke Mohnen
Student Council Reps - Kelli Steffen and Nathaniel Schroeder
Junior Class
President - Breanna Thiry
Vice President - Darius Norwood
Secretary/Treasurer - Todd Kieffer
Student Council Rep - Chance Fredericksen
Sophomore Class
President - Devon Munsen
Vice President - Gunner Thiry
Secretary/Treasurer - Riann Byrd
Student Council Rep - Devin Dethlefsen
Freshman Class
President - Kory Peters
Vice President - Chandler Fredericksen
Secretary/Treasurer - Olivia Hanten
Student Council Rep - Dylan Mohnen
8th Grade Class
President - Carter Fredericksen
Vice President - Matthew Fey
Secretary/Treasurer - Heather Munsen
Student Council Rep - Ashley Moore
7th Grade Class
President - Grace Konechne
Vice President - Randa VandenHoek
Secretary/Treasurer - Justin Becker
Student Council Rep - Kathryn Nightingale

Boys working out in the morning in prep for a great 2014 football season!



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