Welcome Parents/Guardians!

White Lake School District is committed to providing a positive and productive environment that encourages life-long learning.
Our vision is to be recognized as a learning community in which:
•Every student will succeed in a challenging, supportive and future-oriented learning environment.  
•All staff will be caring, competent, and driven by a passion for educating children.
•Parents will have a high expectation for their children with respect to school.
•Patrons value and support public education.
•The education community, parents, staff and patrons work openly together for the benefit of our students.
We believe that:
•Each student is a valued individual with unique talents, abilities and learning styles.
•All Students are capable of learning and want to be successful.
•Students want to elevate their human conditions.
•Teaching is a time-honored profession in which children are the focus.
•Learning is a life-long process.
•Curriculum and instructional practices should incorporate a variety of learning activities and methods in order to accommodate the unique learning styles of students.
 •A positive classroom environment with high expectations is important to student success.
•Education is the joint responsibility of parents, the community and the school.


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