Welcome to White Lake School District 1-3

White Lake School District is committed to providing a positive and productive environment that encourages life-long learning. You will find the White Lake School District and community to be a positive and engaging place for students to learn.  Both the school district and community place a great importance on education which fosters student success in a challenging and helpful learning atmosphere. We have high expectations and promote quality learning in our school.  The White Lake School District appreciates the wonderful support of our parents. Education in White Lake is truly a community effort.

Our Philosophy

White Lake School District 1-3 believes that people are our most valuable resources. We further believe in the supreme worth, dignity, and uniqueness of each individual.
The White Lake School District 1-3 believes that the responsibility of the school is the education of children. While the home, the Church, and the community yield important influences, the best education outcomes can be attained through a joint effort of students, school staff, and the community. Our school not only must serve as a force of intellectual stimulation, but should foster social development. It should provide the highest level of academic training consistent with the needs of the community and offer a minimal program of practical skills. The school shall strive to equip its students with the fundamental concepts necessary for life in a democratic society, support and re-enforcing the cultural, political, ethical, and moral values of this community and this nation.

The White Lake School District 1-3 is concerned with the mental, emotional, and physical health of your youth. In accordance with this belief we should strive to cooperate with law and health officials in the eradication of the drug and alcohol problems.

We encourage and support those student activities which will give experience in the democratic process and demonstrate sound educational value. Our school is a community as well as a place of learning, and we strive to keep the various activities in a reasonable balance.

The ultimate purpose of the educational process in the White Lake School District is to prepare each student to accept responsibilities to self, family, community and country, thus becoming a contributing member in our changing global society.

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