2023-2024 Music Booster Work List

OFFICERS: President/ Secretary – Jane Suelflow (605) 770-6789
                      Vice President/Treasure – Annie Johnson (605) 770-5369

We are excited to start another great year of music in White Lake! As you know, the WL Music Boosters are dedicated to supporting our director, Caleb Menzie, and all choir and band students. We strongly believe in the importance of music in the lives of our students and strive to provide them with the highest level of musical experiences possible!

Anyone with a child in vocal or instrumental music grades K-12 is a Music Booster. We also welcome grandparents, alumni and anyone with a love of music and a desire to pass that love on to our students.

Throughout the year we:

·       Do a Homecoming float

·       Supply refreshments at Homecoming Parade to each band member/flag corps

·       Purchase Senior mothers' flowers and senior graduation statues

·       Provide treats for our students during concert weeks

·       Pay for miscellaneous items for  the music department

·       Give $100 per student for vocal or band camp (available to all students) with $50 for each additional camp attended if funds allow.

·       Pay accompanists for concerts and contests

The following is a list of this year's activities and those assigned to work.  If you are unable to work the job assigned, you need to find a replacement or switch jobs with someone.


Sort/Hand Out Band Uniforms – 3rd Week of School – Caleb Menzie and Annie Johnson

Homecoming Water for Band - September 29, 2023 – Jane Suelflow/Annie Johnson

Homecoming Float - Week of September 24-29, 2023 Laura/Garret Bergeleen and WL Music Alumni

Ice Cream Treats -Week of Christmas and Spring Concerts (No nuts or Nut Oils Please) ****

·       Misty/Jason Vaverka-Christmas Concert

·       Ashley/Michael Bales-Spring Concert

Music Booster Raffle - Raffle held for grades K – 5th TBD

*** More to follow, please be on the lookout on the next newsletter….

Next Meeting White Lake Booster Club August 28th at School Cafeteria at 7pm

If you have any questions, please contact Jane Suelflow or Annie Johnson.

Music Boosters support local businesses and purchases of needed items will be local when possible. Please contact Jane or Annie before purchasing supplies.

Thank You for your continued support!!