Sophomore and Junior students and parents will be operating the concession stand again this year. Proceeds earned will go towards prom and other expenses in their class. Lori Peters is in charge of ordering supplies for the concession stand and arranging a schedule that hopefully works for everyone.

Each family needs to furnish 6 pounds of taco meat. Please have it here by Wednesday, August 19, 2020. We will keep it in the SOPHOMORE/JUNIOR freezer. It is best to freeze it in ziploc bags--each holding 1 pound. Then it doesn't take long to heat up more in the microwave when we need it.

All Concession Stand equipment/supplies have been moved into the Staff Workroom this year. Therefore, that is where everything needs to be returned.

The student down to work is responsible for finding a replacement if he/she cannot be there. Parents, the concession stand cannot operate without adult supervision. Therefore, if you cannot make it, you also need to find a replacement; and please be on time! All workers MUST STAY until everything is put away and cleaned up. If we all work together, the concession stand will run smoothly.

Volleyball girls.... we need you to step in during volleyball season and work in the concession stand when you are not on the court. The guys will be at Football practice until 6:30-7:00 so we need you (especially varsity girls) to step in and help.

Tuesday, September 10 Tripp/Delmont/Armour Dave and Kris Pursell
Heidi Geyer
Josh, Jaxon P, Beau, Levi, Angela, Daytona Call the school or check announcements
Tuesday, October 1 Hanson Justin and Tara Erickson
Jeremy and Roxanne Stahnke
Ghavin, Jacob, Kameron, Hugo, Mercedes, Emily Call the school or check announcements
Saturday, October 3 Canistota Craig and Sandy Nightingale
Jim and Diane Munsen
Levi, Jayden Jaxon C. 1:00 PM
Thursday, October 8 Parkston Hugo and Amanda Orozco
Randi and Charlie Christensen
Hugo, Jaxon C, Jaxon P, Kameron, Mercedes, Hannah Call the school or check announcements
Thursday, October 15 Sanborn Central/Woonsocket Don Styles/Kathy Styles
Nicole Mohnen/Adam Kahler
Kameron, Hugo, Levi, Jacob, CJ, Emily Call the school or check announcements
Monday, October 26 Colome Scott and Chantelle Kirsch
David Bies
Beau, Jayden, Josh, Jacob, Mercedes, Angela Call the school or check announcements
**The volleyball games either start at 4:00, 5:15, or 6:30, depending on if there is a "C" game or not. You need to be there 45 minutes before the start of the game to finish setting up. I will have everything set up before I leave for the day, but I am unable to set the candy out or start the popcorn. If the game is either on a holiday or a Saturday, then you are responsible for getting everything set up, and that takes at least an hour to get things set up and going so everything will be HOT by game time.
VARSITY FOOTBALL GAMES ARE VERY BUSY! You need to have the concession stand open 1 hour before game time, therefore, be there by 6:00 pm ready to go!!
Friday, September 4 Parkston Scott and Kim Meier
Dustin and Melissa Hillman
CJ, Mercedes, Daytona, Hannah 7:00 PM
Friday, October 2
Wolsey/Wessington SMark and Tammie Munsen
Mike and Estelle Konechne
Angela, Emily, Hailei, Roxy 7:00 PM


Saturday, January 9 TDA Jim & Diane Munsen
Dustin Hillman
Adam Kahler
Mercedes, Emily, Mason, Jacob N.  
Tuesday, February 2 Wolsey/Wessington Craig & Sandy Nightingale
Jeremy & Roxanne McClure
Roxy, Hailie, Emily, Josh  
Tuesday, December 8 Lakota Tech Dave & Kris Pursell
John Geyer
David Bies
Jacob N., Hugo, Levi, Jayden  
Thursday, January 7 Colome Mike & Estelle Konechne
Heidi Geyer
Nicole Mohnen
Kameron, Triniti, Jayden, Roxy  
Tuesday, January 19 B-Emery Don & Kathy Styles
Scott & Chantelle Kirsch
Jaxon, Jaxon, Mercedes, Daytona, Ghavin, Beau  
Saturday, January 30 Avon Charlie & Randi Christensen
Mandy Hanson
Melissa Hillman
Jaxon, Jaxon, Beau, Ghavin  
Saturday, January 16 Avon Scott & Kim Meier
Mike & Brenda Davis
Angela, CJ, Josh, Hugo, Mason  
Friday, January 29 Wolsey-Wessington Mark & Tammie Munsen
Jed Houston/Shelly Johnson
Hannah, Daytona, Kameron, Levi  
Thursday, February 4 Platte-Geddes Justin & Tara Erickson
Hugo & Amanda Orozco
Angela, Hannah, CJ, Hailie, Triniti  
None held in WL