Everyday Examples of Tessellations

    There are many tessellations that exist in everyday life.  Examples range from nature, such as honey combs, to man-made objects, like architecture and quilts.  It is amazing that many of the buildings that we use on a daily basis can display such intricate tessellations in their brick work and tilings.  Many families have kitchen floors and bathroom walls that are looked at daily which are full of tessellations.  Even children's play toys, like Legos and soccer balls, contain tessellations.   Tessellations exist even in forms that we may not recognize as a work of art (and math).

These are some examples and pictures of everyday tessellations:

1.)  Quilts


2.)  Honey Combs and Chicken Wire


3.)  Mosaic Floor or Tilings



4.)  Children's Toys


5.)  Brick Work