Kindergarten Computers May 1, 2017






3rd-4th Grade Glogster - April 18, 2017

Zian     Jhervin     Zane     Josh     Anna     Sienna     Aiden     Mariah     Ashton     Lexus     Mataya     Kyza

Lincoln     Jamie     Ian     Ryden     Madison

1st-2nd Grade Computers



3. Painted Eggs

4. Color Eggs with Magic activity,

5. Easter Egg Designer

6. Easter Math

7. Easter Word Hunt

8. Five in a Line Easter Eggs

9. Easter Egg Count Memory Match
ABCYa Easter Egg Hunt


Kindergarten Computers



3. Painted Eggs

4. Color Eggs with Magic activity,

5. Easter Egg Designer

6. Easter Math

7. Easter Word Hunt

8. Five in a Line Easter Eggs

9. Easter Egg Count Memory Match
ABCYa Easter Egg Hunt



1st-2nd Grade Computers March 25, 2017




Kindergarten Computers February 13, 2017












Kindergarten Computers January 9, 2017

My Room


Kindergarten Computers - November 7, 2016

1. Typing Letter Game 


2. Color the Butterfly

 3.  Silly Turkey - need headphones

4. Thanksgiving Match Game



1st-2nd Grade Computers October 31, 2016









Kindergarten Computers October 24, 2016

Carve a pumpkin - practice clicking and using the mouse.

Practice clicking and dragging the mouse with



1st-2nd Grade Computers October 7, 2016

Moucercise    exercising mouse




3rd-4th Grade Computers September 20, 2016

Go to this site after you finish the lesson:


Kindergarten Computers September 19, 2016





Kindergarten Computers August 29, 2016







Kindergarten Computers August 22, 2016


Kindergarten Computers May 16, 2016

Kindergarten Computers May 9, 2016




5th-6th Grade Computers April 28, 2016



Kindergarten Computers April 25, 2016






Kindergarten Computers April 18, 2016










5th-6th Grade Computers April 7, 2016

Mystery State


Kindergarten Computers April 4, 2016



Kindergarten Computers March 21, 2016

1. Refrigerator Magnets 

2. Internet Safety 


1st-2nd Grade Computers March 18, 2016

Typing Stage 1 Links:

Stage 1

Typing Stage 2 Links:

Stage 2

Typing Stage 3 Links:

Stage 3

Typing Stage 4 Links:

Stage 4




5th-6th Grade Computers March 10, 2016

Video-What is a Computer Program?
Video-How Computer Programs Work
Video-Think Like a Computer

Mystery State




1st-2nd grade Computers March 4, 2016 (didn't have class-Zoo Mobile)

Dr. Seuss


5th-6th Grade Computers March 3, 2016
Mystery State


3rd-4th Grade Computers March 1, 2016

Today we will practice looking for 
information on the internet.   
All the information you are looking for will be found 
on the these two web sites:


Kindergarten February 29, 2016

Dr. Seuss




1st-2nd grade February 26, 2016

Write a Story 



Kindergarten February 22, 2016



February 28, 2016 5th-6th Grade Mystery State - Click here.

Kindergarten Computers - February 1, 2016

1. 100th Day of School

2. 100 Snowballs

3. 100 Splat Square

4. 100 Balloon Pop


Valentine's Fun
Click on the boxes for fun Valentine games:    


Here are some fun Valentine videos:

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

YouTube Video

Be Creative with Art and Music
In Spirograph
This Is Sand
     Art & Music                     The mighty book
z frank snowflake
      Z frank Snowflake
create a flake
barkley snowflake
Barkleyus Snowflake
snowflake online
Make a Snowflake




Trick or Treat
Typing Game TommyQ Zombie Defender
Blocky Christmas Game
Sugar Sugar Christmas Edition
Factory Ball Christmas
Halloween Crossword Puzzle
Typing Game Typing Ghosts
Cargo Bridge Xmas Level Pack Game
Super Santa Kicker Game
Civiballs Christmas
Christmas Tree Game
Snoring 2 Winter Edition Game
Christmas Lights
Clear and Present Santa Game
Ball Ornaments Puzzle



ABC Powerpoint

Kindergarten Computers - December 14, 2015

Review good keyboarding posture and using both hands to keyboard.

Practice Mouse Clicking and Dragging:

More Mouse Practice:


Kindergarten Computer Class-November 16, 2015

Home Row Keys
Enter Key
Backspace Key
Shift Key

Practice Keying:
 I am thankful for _______.

New Skill:
Change color of text.





WWWords to Live By

Kids are like computers. The knowledge base can be accessed if teachers press the right keys. Teachers must "SHIFT CONTROL", making the students responsible for the end products.


Computer Lab Lessons for Kindergarten

Mouse Skills

  1. Bees and Honey1183938_stylized_mouse
  2. Jigsaw puzzles
  3. Jigzone–puzzles
  4. Mouse and tech basics–video
  5. Mouse exercises–for olders too
  6. Mouse practice—drag, click
  7. Mouse skills
  8. Mouse Song
  9. Wack-a-gopher (no gophers hurt in this)


  1. Mousercize
  2. Mousing Around
  3. Skillful Senior

Row Column A Column B Column C
Now Feed the Monster
Mouse skills: Click, drag and drop
The Butterfly Trail
Listen and follow instructions

Bubble Wrap
Mouse skills
Now  keyboard zooKeyboard Zoo
Keyboarding skills

Fastt Math

ABC-ya!Kindergarten Skills
1 Bubble Wrap
Mouse skills
Ladybug Picnic
Counting to 12
Starfall Learn to Read
Practice letter sounds
2 Bees 'n Honey
Mouse skills
Magic Paintbrush
Mouse skills, art, color choices
 Starfall ABCs
Practice Letter sounds
3 Paint
Art, color choices, mouse skills
Star Fall
Alphabet, phonics
 Alligator With Balloons.pngEarly World of Learning
4 keyboard zooKeyboard Zoo
Keyboarding skills
Moveable Animals
Mouse skills, drag and drop
The Butterfly Trail
Listen and follow instructions
5 Dress Elmo for Fall
Mouse skills
Alphabet Goop
Beginning letters
Keyboard Challenge
Letter recognition,
keyboard practice
6 Counting with the Count
Number Order
Elmo's Classroom
Mouse & thinking skills
The Little Red Hen
Read-along story
7 Jungle Dots
Number Order
Clifford's Puppy Letters
Letter recognition, easy spelling
Starfall ABCs
Practice Letter sounds
8 Elmo's Keyboard
Letter sounds and words
The Missing Pencil 
Listen and follow instructions
Nina the Naming Newt
Language, community
9 Thanksgiving Match
Concentration, matching
Monster Shopping Trip
Read-along story, puzzle
Leo Loves to Spell
Beginning letters, community
10 Count for Fun
Counting practice
Letter Game
Beginning letter sounds
Reggie Loves to Rhyme
Rhyming, community
11 Gingerbread Man 
Interactive Story
Rhyme Time
Nursery Rhymes
What's That Noise?
Read-along story
12 Fisher Price Phonics level 1
Learn letters and sounds
Decorate the House
Art, creativity, mouse skills
The Three Little Pigs
Interactive read-along story
13 Make-A-Flake
Art, creativity, mouse skills
The Magic Spell
Read-along story, puzzle

Find the Hidden Treasure
Seek & find, shape matching
14 Count the Colored Balloons
Counting and color practice
Make a Snowman
Reading practice
Keyboard Match
Learn keyboard letter location
15 Type the Letter
Keyboard Practice
The Three Little Pigs
Interactive read-along story
Follow the Turtle
Music, sequencing
16 Kangaroo Confusion
Upper and lowercase letters
Teddy's Adventure
Read-along story, puzzle

The Wishing Tree
Listen and follow instructions
17 Connect the World
International matching game
Sun, Wind and Rain
Interactive story book
Find the missing letters
18 ABC Zoo
Read-along story, puzzle
Bloople's Colors
Color choices and mouse practice
Between the Lions
Learn to Read Video Clips
19 Ricky the Raccoon Learns about Recycling 
 Where is Emily?
Read with Clifford
Find the Letters
Alphabet learning game
20 Starfall
Learn to Read Lesson 1
Alphabet Wack-a-Mole
Color Combo
Color mixing
21 Snuffy's Safari
Exploration, animals
Eric the Engine 
Read-a-long story, puzzle
Polka Dot Shorts
Pattern matching
22 Sassy Seals
Match beginning sounds
The Cold Planet
Read-along story, puzzle
Eat Your Colors
Color matching, nutrition

23 Real or Make-Believe Distinguish fiction from non-fiction and fact from fantasy The Twins Week
Read-along story, puzzle
Greetings from Grover
Cultural Appreciation
24 Buggy Trails
Follow 3-step directions
Monkey Business
Place words in order to make a sentence

Fastt Math

25 Pet Shop
Mouse skills: Click, 
drag and drop

The Legend of the Kangaroo Rat
Musical read-along story
Jay Calls
Match the Animal Sounds
26  Book Wall
Color matching, mouse practice
Feed the Monster
Mouse Skills: click, drag and drop
 Fisher Price Phonics level 2
Match the letter sounds
27 The Greedy Hippo
Story and puzzle
 popcorn wordsPopcorn Words
Reading Skills
Make a Face
Mouse skills: Click, drag and drop
Jigsaw Puzzles 
Keyboard Challenge
Letter recognition,
keyboard practice
Read along stories
keyboard climberKeyboard Climber
Keyboard practice 
Kindergarten Links
 Peep and the Big Wide World  
Chateau Meddybemps
Skills Development
31  ABC-ya!
Kindergarten Skills
 Britannica Learning ZonBritannica Learning Zone  
32  Goldilocks
Story and game
 Riding Hood
Story and game
  Jack and the Beanstalk
Story and game
    Seasonal Activities
Thanksgiving Games
   Drippy the Icicle
Read-along story
 Present Match
Concentration, matching


Kindergarten Computers

Computer Literacy

Dance Mat Typing 

Keyboarding Games 

I Have a Dream

Christmas Websites

Starfall ABC's

ABCya! Counting Fish


Christmas Links

Search Engines for Kids


First Grade

Second Grade

Third Grade

Fourth Grade

Fifth Grade

Sixth Grade

Hardware & Software
Internet Safety





Plant Needs:

Food From Plants:

Plant Parts:


Mouse Program

Online Computer Literacy Practice: Use the Mouse

Online Computer Literacy Practice: Home Keys Practice



Type Online

Mrs. Cannon's Computer Lab


Computer Lessons

Digital Storytelling Camp

Typing Class

Keyboarding Lessons

Key Seekers

Bemboo's Zoo

Story Scramble

Mad Minute Math

The Great Plant Escape

Making Predictions

Wild Word West

Be Cyber Smart

Let's Go On a Summer Safari

Fun Sites:

Snowflake Designer

Make a Flake