ATHLETIC BOOSTER WORK SCHEDULE –  **2021-2022 schedule coming soon!**

2020-2021 Volleyball/Basketball Season

The Athletic Boosters will be doing fundraisers again and need parents help.  The first one is the ‘serve for a shirt’ at the home volleyball games.  The second is the ‘shot for a pop/gatorade’ at the home basketball games; or throw a Cat to the middle of the court.

If you have a child(ren) in any sports; you are a member of Athletic Boosters.  The money bag will be with the ticket takers.

Any questions, please contact Lori Peters, Brenna Clites, or Barb Beckmann.

Thanks for your cooperation!

If you cannot work, please switch with someone. Thanks!



September 10 Thursday TDA Mark and Tammie Munsen Throw for a shirt
October 1 Thursday Hanson Dustin and Melissa Hillman Throw for a shirt
October 3 Saturday Canistota Jim and Diane Munsen Throw for a shirt
October 8 Thursday Parkston Mike and Estelle Konechne Throw for a shirt
October 15 Thursday Sanborn Central/Woonsocket Scott and Kim Meier Throw for a shirt
October 26 Monday Colome Bob and Jean Schroeder Throw for a shirt