PTC - 2022-2023

PTC is organization standing for Parents, Teachers, and Children. The money raised will go to teacher supplies in the classrooms, American Education Week, Teacher Appreciation Week and Homecoming Prizes.

In the newsletter below, we have scheduled our upcoming events with a list of people responsible for certain jobs. Please check it over for your name(s). If you’re unable to do your duties please contact Jane or Brianna. Chairmen, you are responsible for calling and reminding those on your committee of their jobs. Please call us if you need phone numbers. We will contact chairmen if there is a date/event change. Please note that we have students allergic to peanuts/nuts.

              Any questions, please feel free to call us.

Jane Suelflow  (605) 770-6789 or Brianna Bogenhagen (605) 680-2247

August: Welcome Students and Staff - August 22-26
                            Find a creative way to welcome students and staff the first week of school.
                           Chairmen: Jane Suelflow and Brianna Bogenhagen

September: Homecoming Spirit Items with parade float - September 19-23
                                   Set up KWL Spirit Items provided by PTC for purchase during the week of homecoming at the school. Also, create a PTC float and drive float through parade.
                                   Chairman: Gerret & Laura Bergeleen
                                   Helpers: Nicole Mohnen & Aeron Clark, Greg & Emily Moeller, Corey & Brandy Farley

October: Fall Conferences with Book Fair - October 12
                               Find a local business or prepare a meal for the teachers provided by PTC or parents and set it up in the teachers' lounge. Also, find a vendor and provide a
                               book fair or equivalent to have on display during conferences for parents.
                               Chairman: Jason & Teena Moeller
                               Helpers: Scott & Bev German, Ben & Brianna Bogenhagen, Ben & Casie Donker

November: American Education Week - November 14-18
                                  Find a creative way to celebrate American Education Week with staff, students, parents and the community.
                                  Chairman: John & Tory Mohnen
                                  Helpers: Jeremy & Roxanne Stahnke, Chris & Kelcie Stahl, Adam & Riana Toupal

December: Paper Airplane Competitian during girls' basketball game at 6:30pm on December 9th. Set up a table near the entrance and sell the paper for spectators to make their own airplanes.
                                  During half-time, put the hula-hoop in the middle of the court. The closest airplane to the hula-hoop receives 50% of the sell.
                                  Chairman: Randy Olivier & Missy Olivier
                                  Helper: Reid & Jane Suelflow

January: Spelling Bee TBD
                              Help in the classrooms during the spelling bee.
                              Chairman: Josh & Katie Mohnen
                              Helpers: Kim & Seth York, Justin & Annie Johnson, Hayes & Stacie Niles

                Root Bear Float Night during boys' basketball game at 6:30 on January 27
                               Purchase ice-cream and root beer as well as paper supplies provided by PTC. Set up a table in the hall near the cafeteria and sell root beer floats to fans.
Chairman: Jerry & Stephanie Hettinger
                               Helpers: Earl Tripp and Paul & Danielle Assmus

February: Spring Conferences - February 15
                               Find a local business or prepare a meal for the teachers provided by PTC or parent and set it up in the teachers' lounge.
Chairman: Scott & Brenna Clites

April: Family Glow Dance (Sunday after Prom TBD)
                        Purchase water, juice and cupcake supplies provided by PTC for concession stand. Make cupcakes and bring to dance. Purchase glow bag items provided by PTC. Work at the dance.
Chairman: Reid & Jane Suelflow
                        Helpers: Scott & Chantelle Kirsch, Rachel Steichen and Steven Steichen, Sandy Falk and Jason Gosmire

May: Teacher Appreciation Week - May 1-5
                        Find a creative way to appreciate the teachers this week with Tuesday, May 2nd being the main day.
                        Chairman: Wyatt & Kara Krumvieda
                        Helpers: Ashley Alger, Kathy & Donnie Styles, Matt & Emily Gillen