PTC - 2021-2022

For those of you who do not know who we are, PTC is organization standing for Parents, Teachers, and Children. The money raised will go to teacher supplies in the classrooms, Teacher Appreciation Week and Homecoming Prizes.

In the newsletter below, we have scheduled our upcoming events with a list of people responsible for certain jobs. Please check it over for your name(s). If you’re unable to do your duties please contact Jane or Brianna., Chairmen, you are responsible for calling and reminding those on your committee of their jobs. Please call us if you need phone numbers. We will contact chairmen if there is a date/event change. Please note that we have students allergic to peanuts/nuts.

              Any questions, please feel free to call us.

Jane Suelflow  (605)770-6789 or Brianna Bogenhagen (605) 680-2247

Prizes for Homecoming:    3 categories 1st, 2nd & 3rd

                School $25, $20, & $15

          Organizations: $15, $10 & $5

          Business: $15. $10 & $5

Homecoming Spirit: September 13-17
                       Selling merchandise in the school the week of Homecoming.
                       Helper: Emily & Matt Gillen    

Homecoming Float: September 17 (noon parade) 
                       Chairman: Jordan & Scott Gillen
                       Helper: Stacee & Hayes Niles  

Football 50/50 Raffle: Chairman: Jane Suelflow & Brianna Bogenhagen   

August 27 - Ben & Calsie Donker                Adam & Rianna Toupal

October 8 - John & Tory Mohnen               Laura & Brian Hall

Volleyball: October 18 - Aurora County Cancer Fundraiser (Dig Pink Night)
                   Pink Popcorn Balls sold at concession stand (50 each)
                   Chairman: Jane Suelflow & Brianna Bogenhagen
                   Rachel Steichen & Steven Steichen
                   Garrett & Laura Bergeleen

                   Chairman: Jane Suelflow & Brianna Bogenhagen

     December 16 - Selling KWL Stadium Seats - Randy & Missy Olivier        John & Dixie Falk

     January 25 - Paper Airplane Competition - Chris & Kelcie Stahl            Nicole Mohnen & Aeron Clark

     February 10 - Root Beer Float Night - Melissa Simpson            Emily Styles and Cody & Casey Barber

Book Fair: October 12 (2:30-8:30pm)
                    Chairman: Jason & Teena Moeller
                    Helpers: Audrey Chapman & Austin Toupal

Spelling Bee: TBD
                    Chairman: Josh & Katie Mohnen
                    Corey & Brandy            Sandy Falk & Jason Gosmire            Kim & Seth York

Family Glow Dance: April 2022 TBD
                    Chairman: Jane Suelflow & Brianna Bogenhagen

Teacher Appreciation Week: May 2-6, 2022

Chairman: Kaci & Cory Gillen
               Jeff Sheeks & Grace Johnson            Randi & Charlie Christensen            Jerry & Stephanie Hettinger            Brenna & Scott Clites