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Practice ACT & SAT Tests
Financial and College Information For SD Students
No Child Left Behind
State of South Dakota
     Weekly Newspaper for students- select your level
The Daily Republic  
South Dakota High School Activities Association
DDN Campus Support Site
NY Times Learning Network
     5th - 6th Grade electronic newspaper
CNN Student News

The Record On Line
     Online paper for current events

Ask Jeeves
Dog Pile


How to Clean a Computer
World Book Online
Noodle Tools Bibliography
Easy Bibliography
Discovery School for Students
     Homework Help & More
     Study tools and learning adventures
Webster Dictionary
Inet LibraryReference
Word Central
     Merriam-Webster dictionary and MORE!
Crossword Puzzlemaker
Select longitude & latitude
     See location on the globe
Classroom Clipart
     Many categories of clipart and photos
Kidsdomain Clipart
     Colorful and a variety of sizes
Discovery Clipart
     Many black & white

Career Exploration:
 Princeton Review Careers
Occupational Outlook Handbook
Quintessential Careers
America's Career Infonet
BLS Career Information
Career Center
Career Zone                                                                   
Peace Corps
Mapping Your Future
 Perfect Resumes and Interviews

South Dakota State University
Dakota State University
University of South Dakota
Northern State University
Black Hills State University
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology
Electronic University Consortium of SD
(Distance Education)

Augustana College
University of Sioux Falls
Dakota Wesleyan University
Presentation College
Mount Marty College
Killian Community College
National American University

Technical Schools
Mitchell Technical Institute
Southeast Technical Institute
Colorado Technical University (Sioux Falls)
Lake Area Technical Institute
Western Dakota Technical Institute
Sisseton Wapheton Community College

Stewart School of Hairstyling

I Have a Dream Speech
     Audio and written text
Martin Luther King, Jr. Theme Page
     Teach-nology Theme Page for Martin Luther King Jr. (many links to other sites, multi-media. lesson plans, activities, songs, etc.)

     Links to activities for President's Day, featuring Abraham Lincoln and George Washington
     History of President's Day and links to several activities and lesson plans
     Many links to information about George Washington, Abraham Lincoln, and President's Day
     President's Day coloring pages, games, and President's Day stationery for young writers

Charlie an the Chocolate Factory Webquest
     Students work individually and in groups to invent their own candy, create   commercials to advertise candy, learn about the origin of chocolate, create a board game. Unit Plan for cross curricular activities.
Poetry for Kids- by Kenn Nesbitt
     Read poems written by other students.
Carol Hurst's Children's Literature Site
     Children's literature web connections
The Story Hour
     The Story Hour is a collection of student made units on specific books. Each class developed comprehension questions as well as captivating activities for their chosen book.
Tall Tales
Children's Literature & Reading 
Developed by the American Library Association to help adults help children with reading, homework, and school related issues.
Children's Literature Web Guide 
Developed by David K. Brown, librarian and faculty member of the University of Calgary, to bring together Internet resources related to books for children and young adults.
Recommended Literature: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve
     Developed by the California Department of Education, this is a collection of outstanding literature for children and adolescents.
Recommended Literature for Science & Mathematics: Kindergarten Through Grade Twelve
     Developed by the California Department of Education, this is a collection of outstanding science and mathematics-related literature for children and adolescents.
     On this page, children can choose to hear a Clifford story read aloud; the child controls the speed of the story, and must interact with the page to continue on. This would be a good site for reinforcing beginning reading skills; the voices are clear, understandable, and the site functions well in the browser.
     Texts, material and information, as well as bibliographical, historical and current references are available at the Hans Christian Andersen Center Web Site for a variety of users.
     This site includes biography, bibliography, and lesson plans for Hans Christian Andersen children's author.
     Provides links to the text of eighteen of Hans Christian Anderson's  fairy tales.
     In these lessons, your students will learn about the 19th century author, Hans Christian Anderson, and will hear and read the original texts of several of his stories. The colorful characters, strong emotions and engaging language of Andersen's tales offer rich imaginative experiences for students, as well as opportunities to analyze themes and ideas.
     Classic folk stories and fairy tales of Hans Christian Andersen. Web-published children's books with Flash animation and narration. Featuring cartoons, games, e-learning, biography of Hans Christian Andersen and links to the fairy tales.

Harcourt Publishers
     Learning site
     Reading, Language Arts, Spelling, Math, History, and Science
Abraham Lincoln Online
The White House for Kids
America's Story
Ben's Guide to US Government
I Hear America Singing

100 Milestone Documents
Library of Congress - American Memory
     Photographs and Documents
U.S. Historical Census Data
     A primary source containing state, county, and immigration information from the1790 to 1960 census.
U.S. Census Bureau
     A primary source for current data.

Marco Polo Odyssey -PBS
     Beautiful presentation with sound & video
European Explorers - Jim Cornish, Canada
     Famous Explorers
Discovers - by alphabet
Pages on Discovers Web
Explorers Timeline
Voyage of Exploration
The Age of Exploration - The Mariners Museum

Archiving Early America
     Primary source material from 18th century America including original newspapers, maps, and writings.
An Outline of American History: the Colonial Period
     Journals, letters, original laws, col. gov't; index of the US Presidents; excellent links to information, documents, their speeches, writings, biographies, etc.
Declaration of Independence
     Sign it and learn about the original signers
Colonial Williamsburg
     All aspects of life in Colonial, jobs, people, places, recreation.
Life on a Plymouth Plantation - Webquest
Colonial Day Web Adventure
A Colonial Family
     Explore the life of a farmer in colonial times.
Africans in America
     Parts 1 and 2: Chronicles the history of slavery in the US from the 16th century to the end of the Civil War.

Donner Party 
    Westward Expansion
Donner Party
Tales of the Oregon Trail
     By Tom Laidlaw-maps, diagrams of wagons, contents, Black pioneers
Oregon Trail
     All about trail, historic sites, facts
New Perspectives on the West
     Tour, events, places, people, archives, games
     A Thinkquest Website about the Oregon Trail
     Teacher lesson Plans
Dear America: Across the Wide and Lonesome Prairie:
The Oregon Trail Diary of Hattie Campbell, 1847

     Teacher guide and activities also
Dear America: The Great Railroad Race: The Diary of Libby West, Utah Territory, 1868
     Teacher guide and activities also
Lewis and Clark
The Frontier House
     PBS Three modern families experience life in 1883 in Montana.
The Museum of Westward Expansion: KIDS INFO – Pioneers / Westward Expansion
WWW Virtual Library: American West
     Identifies links for American and World History
PIONEERS, Oregon Trail, Louisana Purchase
     Lesson plans and ideas
Pioneers of the Wild West
     Westward Expansion links

     Learning activities for the science units
     Movies and quiz about topics on science, health, English and more!

Journey North
     Online Projects
Experimenting with the Scientific Method - Thinkquest
     Excellent explanation of the scientific method, highlighting variables and controlled experiments.
Sharpe Reservation
     History and information about Sharpe Reservation and its programs
Virtual Food Web
     Select games and look for food web
National Geographic's "Explore the Fantastic Forest"
     Tour a woodland forest, look for clues, and solve a nature puzzle
The Great Plant Escape
     Help Detective Leplant unlock the great mysteries of plant life. Universiity of Illinois.
Trees are Terrific
     Good introduction to trees
The Secret Life of Trees
     Learn about trees. Great tutorial for students and resourse link for teachers.
Temperate Deciduous Forest
     The Temperate Deciduous Forest biome has four seasons of winter, spring, summer, and fall.
Tree Identification
     We at Hillview have planted over a hundred of 29 different species of trees and shrubs on our schoolgrounds. These native plants attract birds, butterflies and small mammals.  See if you can identify these trees.
Ecosystem in the City
     The city, as an ecosystem, is an ideal classroom for science. Scientists in the city are students, teachers, families, and science enthusiasts around the world who are investigating the interaction of the natural and manmade worlds. Become a scientist in your own "city" by using these resources, communicating with other "cities," and joining the collaborative. Throughout the school year, scientists will investigate their own school, their neighborhood, and their city. Join other city scientists and, collectively, investigate the great big ecosystem called Earth. Franklin Institute
Resource List for Ecosystems in the City
 Great resource for teachers. The site includes links for lesson plans, activities, background and databases. Information for science fair projects is also available through the site. Check it out!
Owl Pellets
     What are owl pellets? The pellets that we study in the classroom are the end products of an owl’s digestive process. Pellets are also made by other raptors (birds of prey), but those made by owls tend to be the most complete, and therefore the best for the study of food chains and food webs.
Owl Unit Teacher Resource
     One more way to get to this incredible site for teaching owl pellets. There are worksheets, lesson plans and resource information for setting up the unit.
Virtural Owl Pellet Dissection
Snowy and Horned Owl
Virtual Dissection Site - select owl pellet
Oeanography - Ask Dr. Bob  
     Dr. Bob is a wonderful resource for those tough to answer questions about the oceans posed by our students. Please feel free to tap into his knowledge.

Roller Coaster Database
Amusement Park Physics
Pendulum Art
     Science fun. Try this!
Water Clock
     Make a water clock.
Swinging a Pendulum
     Science activity for teacher. Science project activity.
Simple Machines
      In science, work is defined as a force acting on an object to move it across a distance. Pushing, pulling, and lifting are common forms of work. Furniture movers do work when they move boxes. Gardeners do work when they pull weeds. Children do work when they go up and down on a see-saw. Machines make their work easier. The furniture movers use a ramp to slide boxes into a truck. The gardeners use a hand shovel to help break through the weeds. The children use a see-saw to go up and down. The ramp, the shovel, and the see-saw are simple machines.
Edhead Simple Machines
     As well as simple machines, you will find information on weather and be able to watch a virtual knee surgery.
Gander Academy Simple Machines
Flight Resources
     Great resource for teachers and students and the exploration of flight and the science of aviation.
"Free Flight" Model Testing

International Space Station Crews
     Space stuff; pictures and descriptions of NASA space suits. space travel, space probes, etc.
NASA for Kids
     Student friendly & teacher resource
NASA Site 
     Space info
     Teacher research
Astro Adventure
     Use on PC's with Real Player, has teacher guide
To the Moon
Nasa Space station
NASA Classroom of the future
     Space station, bio-blast and astronomy village
Space Station challenge links
     Level 1-A Learning Center for Young Astronomers
Starchild -Level 2
Mars Exploration Rover Mission
     Spirit and Opportunity


Metric numbers to remember

     Fractions, Decimals, Integers, Exponents, Inequalities, Percents
Fraction Attractions
Word problems for kids from Canada
     Delayed (but just by minutes) stock and mutual fund quotes and histor ical charts since 1993.
Stock Market Game Worldwide
     Created by a team of researchers and educators at Utah State University with support from the National Science Foundation, this new online library of interactive manipulatives is intended to help educators accomplish the often challenging task of engaging students in daily math lessons.

Learn About Instruments

     Study the genre of poetry by taking part in step-by-step workshops with favorite authors. Then publish your poems online in Scholastic's Poetry Anthology or I Spy Riddle Library.
     National Poetry Month @ infoplease Features a wide variety of poetry information, resources and activites.
     The lessons presented here focus on appreciating poetry — reading, discussing, and enjoying poems — rather than on the writing of original poetry. Several of the lessons emphasize the pleasure in the words and sounds of poems as place to begin — reminding students that poetry is art, and that it is satisfying and exciting to discover a poem that enthralls you and to say it in your own voice.
     These are just a very few exampleS of different types of poetry. Most of the definitions has at least one example of each particular type of poetry for better understanding.
     Inaugurated by the Academy in April 1996, National Poetry Month (NPM) brings together publishers, booksellers, literary organizations, libraries, schools, and poets around the country to celebrate poetry and its vital place in American culture.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology
      Free Online Open Courseware that includes many subject areas, lectures, videos, documents, etc.

     Information on a variety of topics
     For kids and teachers
     Standards-based internet content for the K-12 classroom
     Lesson Plans for each of the 6+1Writing Traits (mostly for K-6, but may be able to adapt some of the lessons)
Digital Curriculum
     The videos and images are great tools in reinforcing concepts you are covering. works to help you integrate technology into your classroom by offering FREE online tools and resources. This site helps teachers locate and create ready-to-use Web lessons, quizzes, rubrics and classroom calendars. There are also tools for student use. Discover valuable professional development resources addressing issues such as equity, ELL, technology planning, and at-risk or special-needs students.