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Photo Story 3
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Digital media may be used in the classroom in a variety of ways.   Digital images can be used in a PowerPoint presentation, inserted in to Word, Excel, and even SMART Notebook.  Digital video can also be used in a PowerPoint or Movie Maker presentation.  Student produced video can empower students with the tools, skills and confidence to take creative control of their research and presentation projects. 

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Cannon Manuals and support for Cannon digital and video cameras
Going Digital in the Classroom Mavica camera tutorial
Sony Mavica Basic Digital Camera Tutorial Basic camera tutorial
Sony Tutorials Tutorials for a variety of Sony digital cameras

 Digital Photos 

Caring for your Camera Caring for your camera
Click! Using a Digital Camera in the Elementary Classroom Digital camera uses in the classroom
Digital Camera Dictionary Digital camera vocabulary and definitions
Digital Cameras in the Classroom Digital camera resources and ideas
Digital Cameras in Education Digital camera uses in the classroom
Digital Camera Web Links How to choose a digital camera
Digital Quilt In this activity, which correlates with the book The Patchwork Quilt, by Valerie Flourney, students use digital technology to create squares for a class quilt
Digital Vault
Uses the resources of the National Archives, and allows you to use those resources to create your own movies, posters, and what it calls “Pathway Challenges” to… challenge others to find connections between a series of images, documents, and other resources you put together.
Flickr Organize and store photos
Fun With Photos Many graphic tips and resources
Kodak Lessons K-12 digital photo lesson plans
LSR7 Technology Integration Graphics Page Copyright free graphic files from the Internet

Maximizing Digital Cameras

Lesson ideas, helpful hints; access ready-to-use lessons

Using a Digital Camera in the Classroom How to use a digital camera, multiple ideas
Voice Thread A VoiceThread is an online media album that can hold essentially any type of media and allows people to make comments in 5 different ways and share them with anyone they wish. A VoiceThread allows group conversations to be collected and shared in one place, from anywhere in the world (need to register)
1001 Uses for a Digital Camera From Casio Classroom;  categorized ideas; Foreign Language, English, Art, Mathematics. Science, Social Studies
Animoto Web application that automatically generates professionally produced videos
Clay Animation Tutorial on clay animation
Digitales Tips and tricks for creating a digital story
Digital Story Telling Provides a wealth of links for creating digital stories
Digital Story Telling Guide From Atomic Learning; tips and tricks
Digital Storytelling Resources Collection of resources by Meg Ormiston to help educators create powerful digital stories; Curriculum integration
Digital Storytelling Scoring Rubric Sample scoring guide
Educational Uses of Digital Storytelling Instructions, suggestions, resources, ideas
Kitzu Digital story kits for the classroom
Classroom Video Basics Shooting techniques, camera angles and more
CNET Camcorder buying guide
Digital Video Tutorial Digital video terminology
Digital Video in Education Video production in the classroom
Flick School Tips on taking pictures, and creating and sharing movies

Ideas for Classroom Video Projects

Video lesson ideas in PDF format;  Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view the file 

Kids Vid Instructional website to help teachers and students use video production in the classroom
Multimedia Seeds Everything you need to know about editing a video
Project Based Learning Project based learning with multimedia
Show Me a Movie a digital storytelling contest for Missouri students
Scholastic Teachers guide to making student movies
Atomic Learning Tutorial for Final Cut Pro 2.0
Editing with Final Cut Pro Tutorial for Final Cut Pro
Final Cut Pro 3.0 Tutorial for Final Cut Pro 3.0
Ken Stone's Final Cut Pro Information from many different sources on working in Final Cut Pro
Page.Elements Introduction to Final Cut Pro 3.0

i - Movie 

Apple i-Movie Tutorial for i-Movie
Editing and i-Movie Information on editing an i-Movie
Information Technology Lab School University of Texas i-Movie Tutorial

Photo Editing

Editing Images using Microsoft Photo Editor Photo Edition tutorial pdf
LSE Picture Manager Tutorial
Microsoft Office Assistant Picture Manager Tutorial
Microsoft Photo Editor How to use Microsoft Photo Editor

Movie Maker 

Georgia Movie Academy for Movie Maker Tutorials, information and production tools to use with Microsoft Movie Maker
Information Technology Lab School Windows Movie Maker 2 Tutorial
Windows MovieMaker 2 Atomic Learning; learn the basics
Movie Maker Materials Strategies; suggestions for video production
Movie Maker Tutorial Tutorials on specific topics
Technology Movie Maker Projects E-themes How to integrate technology, specifically digital movies, in the classroom. Ideas, lesson plans, and samples of movie projects are included.
XP Movie Maker Learn how to use Movie Maker
Atomic Learning Tutorial for Photo Story 3
Jacksonville Printable, step by step Photo Story tutorial
Microsoft Wow your teacher with stunning school reports using Photo Story 3
Photo Story and Movie Maker Online Photo Story and Movie Maker tutorial
Photo Story 3 Sample stories
Photo Story Tutorial Online Photo Story tutorial
Student Examples Examples of Photo Story projects from students in the Greece Central School District


Children's Book Radio An uniquely independent Podcast dedicated to discussing children’s books
Cleoflics A highly original animation project showcasing best practice in claymation, stop frame animation and Flash; includes workshops taking you through the process of animation
EPN A  wide range of podcast programs
Essential Tips for Podcast Lovers How to find podcasts
GCast Create a free podcast
Jordan School District Podcasting Tips
Learning in Hand An educators resource for using handheld devices in the classroom
Family Friend Podcasts A family friendly podcast directory
Podcast Directory Podcast of the Instructional Technology Department of the Memphis City Schools Teaching & Learning Academy (TLA)
How to Create a Podcast How to create a podcast in 7 easy steps
Podcasting in Education Explanation of podcasting
Podcasting in Education Using I-Pods in education
Podcasts for Educators Schools and Colleges Educational Podcasting for teaching and learning
Storynory Many children's stories available in podcasts
Sugar Monster The Sugar Monster's podcast (episodes)
Sunnyvale Public Library Podcasts Listen to or view Library programs on your computer
What is Podcasting? Articles and information about podcasts
WillowWeb Podcasts for kids by kids
Yahoo Podcasts Search podcasts series or for individual episodes by description and by tags listeners have assigned the podcasts


Acting with a Pencil Storyboarding your movie
Arts Edge Creating and organizing the story
Comic Creator Interactive Comic Creator from Read Write Think
Denalia Storyboard Lesson Plan
Drawing Together Make a storyboard and animate your drawing
Fractured Fairy Tale Interactive Fractured Fairy Tale Map from Read Write Think
Kerpoof Make a picture story or movie
Literary Elements Map Interactive Literary Elements Map Read Write Think
Making Movie Storyboards Procedure for making a movie storyboard
Story Creator A unique story making tool, a sound and picture gallery, and a timeline to place the stories in their historic context
School History Create, print off and play historical storyboard

Storyboard Guide

Tips for using storyboarding effectively

Teaching about Story Structure using Fairy Tales Help students explore the concepts of beginning, middle, and ending by reading a variety of stories and then applying them using storyboards and in a writing exercise
Youth Learn Teaching kids how to prepare a presentation
Webbing Tool Interactive Graphic Organizer; Read, Write, Think

Blank Storyboards

Digital Storytelling Storyboard PDF Storyboard

Blank storyboard in PDF format;  Adobe Acrobat Reader is needed to view the file

Video Storyboard Blank storyboard
The following links are to image searches and resources. Each site and image should be checked for copyright compliance.  Teachers are ultimately responsible for copyright compliance. 
Internet Movie  Archive Search for video
Yahoo Search for video
Google Search for video
Dogpile Search for video
All the Web Search for video
Alta Vista Search for video
Metacrawler Search for video
Student Gallery Apple student gallery, search for student made videos,  sounds and graphics