For anyone who does not know who we are, PTC is an organization standing for Parents, Teachers, and Children. The money raised will go for teacher supplies in the classrooms, Teacher Appreciation suppers, Teacher Appreciation Week and Homecoming prizes.

In this newsletter, we have scheduled our upcoming events with lists of people responsible for certain jobs. Please check for your name(s). If you are unable to do your duties, please contact Annie or Katie. The chairman is responsible for calling and reminding those on the committee with them. Please call if you need phone numbers. We will contact chairmen with the date of events.

You will see that we made a few changes to our activities for the year. Thank you to everyone for all your help and participation.

Annie Johnson 770-5369

Katie Mohnen 680-4529

Prizes for Homecoming Float Entries

3 categories paying 1st, 2nd, and 3rd

School: $25, $20, $15

Organization: $15, $10, $5

Business: $15, $10, $5

Volleyball: Activity Being Planned for September 12???

Homecoming PTC Fun Day Being Planned for September 29


Football 50/50 Raffle

     (Chairmen) Katie Mohnen and Annie Johnson

     September 1 - Scott and Kim Meier 
                           Wyatt and Kara Krumvieda

     September 29 - Charlie and Randi Christensen (Homecoming)
                              Doug and Barb Beckmann

50/50 Raffle Basketball Boys and Girls (doubleheaders)

     December 14 - Craig and Sandy Nightingale

     December 16 - Jason and Misty Vaverka

     January 9 - Clint and Becky Moore 

Book Fair: October 26th 2:30 to 8:30 PM

     (Chairmen) Justin and Annie Johnson

     Set up 2:00 PM - Lisa Hanten

     Take down 8:30 PM - Beau and Rachal Byrd

Teacher Supper October 26 (starting at 4:00 PM)

     (Chairmen) David and Kris Pursell

     Jayme Schmidt
     Mandy Hanson
     Tara McGeough
     Cary and Shelly Fredericksen
     Merlin and Jacki Konechne
     Pam Hallman

Spelling Bee February 2018

     (Chairmen) Scott & Chantelle Kirsch

     Josh and Katie Mohnen
     John and Donna Cherry
     Troy and Barb Becker 

Teacher Supper February 8

     (Chairmen) Bryce and Terasa Gillen

     Ben and Brianna Bogenhagen
     Don and Kathy Styles

Teacher Appreciation Week May 2018

     (Chairman) Mark and Tammie Munsen

     Robert and Shanna Mohnen
     Vicki Kranig
     Reid and Jane Suelflow
     Hayes and Stacey Niles
     Kevin and Becky Johnson