Dear Parents:

The classroom portion of Drivers Education, 2017, will be held at White Lake School on June 19-June 23. Mr. Andrew Fergen will be the instructor. Students who are 14 by December 30th, are eligible to take Drivers Education this summer.

The class will meet from 8:30 AM to 3:30 PM with 1/2 hour allowed for lunch each day to fulfill the 30 hour classroom requirement. Please send your child on time, well-rested, and alert. Being wide awake for the classroom portion is just as vital as the actual driving experience.

The schedule for the driving segment will be established during the classroom time. Please determine any dates that your child is not able to drive due to prior commitments. This information will be very useful in determining driving dates and avoiding conflicts. Students with little or no driving experience may want to have their parents or another adult practice with them prior to their assigned driving times. Experience will surely build confidence.

Participants will need a notebook. a pencil, and a red pen for the classroom portion. Students will have a half hour for lunch and may go home or bring their lunch. During the driving portion they will normally be out of town at lunch time. Students may again pack a lunch, or they will eat at a fast food establishment.

Student are not allowed to wear flip flops while driving, and a pair of sunglasses will be useful.

Thank you for having your student driver well-prepared in advance of these days.



Robert Schroeder
Supt./K-12 Principal
White Lake School

**There will not be a fee for White Lake students to participate in Driver's Ed. as our school will cover the cost; however, any donations to help defray the cost would be greatly appreciated. It costs approximately $300/student to provide this opportunity for our students.